Process Paper

I chose the topic of the Space Race because it was a very interesting time in history. I also thought it would be easy to talk about because it embodied the theme of NHD, and it dealt with diplomacy. I thought it was interesting because it dealt with space and technology. It was interesting to see that a lot of the things that we learn about or use today is because of the Space Race. It really has an impact on me and I know that it has made an impact on the world today. I know that a lot of people all over the world have benefitted from the Space Race because of all of the discoveries and technology that was created. I also thought it was interesting because it dealt with competition, I was astonished to see all of the advancements and technology that was created within such a short period of time. This was largely due to competition.  It was interesting that most of this discovery and creation of technology was created mostly for the sake of competition. It is amazing that competition and tension was the fuel for the one of the greatest competitions in the history of all time.

         Doing my research was not an easy process. Even though there were many sources, not many of them were primary sources. I could find secondary sources easily but the difficulty came in finding the primary sources and it was a very long process to find most of my primary sources. I used books and websites to do my research. I did end up finding my primary sources, mostly in the form of books from my school library. It was probably one of the hardest parts of doing my project.

         I chose to do a website to present my project because it can be easily accessed. With more computers and technology out in the open nowadays, it is easy to get the information off of the internet or off of the web as opposed to a poster or something of that nature, that can only be seen in certain places.  The internet makes it a lot easier for people to see the information that they need. I created my project through which made it easy for me to make my website. Even though, I had no experience in making a website, it was easy to finish my website through

         My project relates to the theme of National History Day (NHD) because it relates to debate and diplomacy. As a result of the lacking diplomacy between the United States and the Soviet Union, competition and tension were created. There was a debate of conflicting ideas between the two countries. The Space Race is a great example of what happens when there is poor diplomacy during countries. Even though most of what came out of the Space Race is good, it wasn’t the greatest thing during the time period because it created a lot of tension between the US and the USSR.