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This book gave me detailed descriptions of events during the space race. It gave me a good idea about the tension between the two countries

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This source let me see quotes from the time period. It helped me to get a good idea about what the people were thinking at the time. 

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This book helped me to understand what America was like at the time. It helped me to understand how Americans felt about the Space Race. It also helped me to understand more what social life was like in the American public.

 Newton, David E. U.S. and Soviet Space Programs: a Comparison. New York: Franklin Watts, 1988. Print.

This book helped me to see what the US and USSR space programs were like. It helped me to see the diversities of operations. It gave me a "behind the scenes" look.
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This source let me see the JFK speech at Rice. It gave me better insight for the U.S's decision to go to the moon. The speech was when the US announced that they were going to the moon.


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